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Today is your day

Susan Cobb

Today is your day
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Mist the background of the card with Glimmer Mist, then paint in the flowers, leaves, and border with Smooch inks for a beautiful look!



  1. Place your card topper on scrap paper and mist with Glimmer Mist, concentrating the spray at sides and center of the piece. Let dry. Paint in the large flowers on the card topper with Grape Soda Smooch. Mix two parts Plum Twist plus 1 part Grape Soda Smooch onto the acrylic block and mix together with the paint brush. Paint in the small flowers with the mixture. Clean the brush with water.
  2. Add a small amount of Green Apple to a clean area of the acrylic block. Dip your brush into clean water and mix with the Green Apple Smooch on the block until evenly mixed. Paint in the leaves on the card topper with the diluted ink. Paint in the flower centers and thin border around the outside edge with pool Smooch. Let the ink dry thoroughly.
  3. Place your card with the fold at the left. Cut around the outside edges of the card topper's decorative border, then glue centered on the card front. Cut around the "Today is your DAY" greeting label leaving a 1/16" white border around the edges. Paint in the word "DAY" and the oval border with Pool Smooch, and the small flower and leaf as for the card topper. Let dry, then foam tape centered on the card front. Tie a purple bow and Zot near the label as shown.
  4. Cut loosely around the "Happy Happy Birthday" label then mist with Dragonfly Glimmer Mist and let dry. Cut around the outside edges, then paint in the outside border with Grape Soda Smooch and diluted Green apple for the scalloped border as shown. Glue the label centered to the inside. Cut out the single flower and paint it as you did for the front. Glue the flower to the lower right corner of the label. Zot knotted purple ribbon to the left edge of the label as shown.