Marker Storage Unit

Ann Bernklau

Marker Storage Unit
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer's Tip: The Plain Jane mist is easy to use and gives great coverage. I sprayed my pieces, then swiped over them with a cosmetic sponge to give opaque, even coverage. You can create a darker shade by adding another coat. I also applied the mist liquid straight from the bottle onto my cosmetic sponge to sponge ink onto the edges of the pieces. If you don't want to use the unit for markers, you can simply not include the front piece with the holes and use it as a cute shelf!



  1. Spray all the pieces of the unit one at a time with Soil mist. Only spray one side of the large back piece (it doesn't matter which side). On each surface, spray a few times and then wipe with a paper towel or cosmetic sponges to cover the piece with an even color while it is still wet. Let dry. Add another coat if you want a darker shade. Remove the screw top of the bottle and apply some ink to a cosmetic sponge. Dab all the edges until they are all covered in brown. Dip a Q-tip in the bottle and use it to cover the insides of the holes.
  2. Once the pieces are covered evenly and have dried, assemble the unit, using Aleene's Tacky glue in the joints. Make sure the brown side of the back piece ends up on the inside of the unit. Assemble and glue together the drawer.
  3. Cover the sides and front of the drawer with handwriting paper, trimming to fit. Ink the edges with Soil ink, using a cosmetic sponge. Cut a large fancy flourish Dazzle in half and place half on the left edge of the front of the drawer as shown. Place a large fancy Dazzle flourish in the center over the drawer pull, trimming to fit. Ink the Leaf wood embellishment with Jet Black StazOn® using a cosmetic sponge with the ink pad. Glue onto the right side of the drawer as shown.
  4. Cover the back and sides of the unit with cream border paper, with the swirly border along the top. Cover the top of the unit with stripes, trimming pieces to fit.
  5. Ink 2 butterflies with Cardboard ink using a cosmetic sponge. Glue to the front of the unit as shown with Zots adhesive dots (or Tacky Glue for permanence).
  6. Ink a butterfly and the large wooden flourish with Soil using 2 coats. Glue the flourish on the left side of the unit, near the bottom as shown. Glue the butterfly 1/4" from the right and 3 3/4" from the top. Add black swirl Dazzles to the flourish, at the top, and near the butterfly. Add a black border along the bottom of this panel and the opposite panel. Add black Dazzles to embellish as desired.