Vintage dress form

Susan Cobb

Vintage dress form
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: This dress form is super fun to decorate! After spritzing the dress form with Smooch, glue patterned paper to the back so the pretty detail of the paper shows through the openings of the dress form from the front.



  1. Spritz the dress form and stand with the River Mossy Smooch until entire piece is covered. Let dry completely. Place the dress form on the back of the lace/swirls portion of the red/teal/pink/tan border paper. Trace the outside edges around the skirt portion of the dress form onto the paper. Remove the dress form and cut out the shape. Glue to the back of the dress form covering the skirt portion so the patterned paper shows through the front. Repeat for the top of the dress form, using the teal/ivory lace portion of the swirls decorative corner paper.
  2. Lay the teal pleated satin over the bottom edge of the skirt and trim the length with 1/2" excess on each side. Zot the satin along the bottom edge of the skirt. Fold the ends in 1/4", then Zot to secure at each side. Repeat for the pink pleated satin, placing it above and overlapping the teal satin as shown. Repeat again with pink pleated satin at the waist.
  3. Trim border sticker to fit along the neck of the dress form, then along the waist overlapping the pink pleated satin. Cut thin strips of teal cardstock and thread through a 1/2" scalloped button sticker, a 7/8" button sticker, and a heart button sticker. Trim the ends and press flat against the back of the sticker. Add the scalloped button sticker centered on the bottom pink ruffle, and the heart at the top as shown. Back the 7/8" button sticker with red paper, trimming edges evenly with the sticker. Foam tape centered on a white appliqué flower and Zot to the front of the dress form, overlapping the pink pleated satin at the waist. Punch four teal cardstock circles and place a tiny round button sticker on each. Zot evenly spaced along the bottom pink ruffle.
  4. Add sticker innies (dots for faux stitching, and small diamond border innies between buttons on the bottom pink ruffle) to dress form as shown. Glue the stand in place and let dry.