Lacy dress form

Susan Cobb

Lacy dress form
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: This dress form would be a lovely addition to your desk or craft room. Keep it for yourself or makes a great gift.



  1. Spritz the dress form and stand with the Crème de Chocolat Glimmer Mist until entire piece is covered. Let dry completely. Place the dress form on the back of the pink/ivory floral paper. Trace the outside edges around the skirt portion of the dress form onto the paper. Remove the dress form and cut out the shape. Glue to the front of the dress form, even with the skirt portion. Repeat for the top of the dress form, using the quilt paper.
  2. Lay the brown pleated satin over the dress form just below the waist. Trim the length with 1/2" excess on each side. Zot the satin across the dress form. Fold the ends in 1/4", then Zot to secure at each side. Repeat for another row of pleated satin just below the first.
  3. Cut a 6" length of lace doily border and trim 1/2" from the top plain edge. Fold one end back 1/4", then accordion fold the lace along the top every 1/4" (tip: this does not have to be exact, it's just to gather it a bit) for a ruffled look. Zot the lace border along the top edge of the pleated satin on the dress form, leaving the lace somewhat folded along the top for a ruffled look. Fold the ends in and Zot to the sides of the dress form.
  4. Repeat step #2 again with another row of brown pleated satin with the top edge just above the waist so it overlaps the top portion of the lace border as shown. Trim a narrow scalloped edge from remaining lace doily border and place across the top layer of pleated satin, then Zot to secure.
  5. Punch a circle from yellow/pink tiny floral paper and foam tape centered on a pink appliqué flower. Zot to the right side of the dress form as shown. Add stickers to decorate as shown. Glue the base in place and let dry.