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Thinking of You card

Susan Cobb

Thinking of You card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: I just used a portion of the 12"x12" sheet to make this card-you could make 3 to 4 cards with this one sheet of paper. This card is quick and easy to make because once you color the background and tags, you're nearly done!



  1. Cut a 6"x7" rectangle from the upper right portion of the paper. Apply French Blue ink to the large butterfly, some of the flowers, and edges of the rectangle. Now add Warm Violet near the center of each butterfly wing, and over the blue flowers and edges of the rectangle. Wipe off excess with the paper towel.
  2. Add Bisque ink to a few flowers, some of the edges of the rectangle, and a small amount to parts of the background. Now add Ice Jade to the background, being sure to color the areas surrounding the butterfly completely. Add a small amount of Ice Jade, then bisque to the center of the butterfly wings as shown. Add more French blue and warm violet to the background. Add more ink or blend colors as desired. Wipe off the excess with the paper towel. Let the paper dry completely, then glue to the card front. Trim excess evenly with the card.
  3. Cut out the butterfly tag leaving a 1/16" border around the edges. Apply French blue ink to the tag including the border. Add a bit of Warm Violet to the butterfly and background of the tag, then repeat with the Ice Jade. Wipe off the excess. Write or computer print "thinking of you" on the top of the tag. Glue tag to the lower left side of the card front. Tie an aqua metallic ribbon bow and Zot to the top of the tag.
  4. For the inside, trim the butterfly and flowers label leaving a 1/16" border. Color with inks as you did for the card front, being sure to color the white border as well. Wipe off the excess ink with the paper towel. Write or computer print "Have a beautiful day!" on the center and glue centered to the inside. Tie a ribbon bow and Zot to the label as shown.