40th Anniversary

Susan Cobb

40th Anniversary
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: I used a cosmetic sponge applicator to blend three colors of ink. Blending the colors together in different combinations creates even more beautiful colors on your background paper.



  1. Begin coloring the background by adding Pink Pastel ink to the roses and swirls areas of the page. Now add French Blue ink to the leaves and background surrounding the roses, then add a little blue to some of the pink areas. Add pink and blue to the page background on the right side and blend together. Add Warm Violet to the edges of the page, and a small amount to the roses. Blend colors together covering the entire page with ink. Wipe of excess ink from the embossed areas of the design with the paper towel.
  2. Mat the photo on ivory with 1/16" borders. Mat again on light blue, with 1/4" borders, then on black with 1/16" borders. Glue to the page, 3/4" from the right side and 5/8" from the top. Trim the rose border from the Tags & Borders sheet leaving a 1/16" white border on long sides. Ink the border with French Blue, then add Warm Violet, including the white border. Mat on black with 1/16" borders. Glue across the page, 1 1/4" from the bottom.
  3. Write or computer print quote on light blue, then trim to a rectangle. Mat on ivory, then black with 1/16" borders on each. Glue centered over the rose border and beneath the photo as shown. Trim the small rose tag leaving a 1/16" border. Color it with French blue and Warm Violet inks, then wipe off the excess with the paper towel. Mat on black with 1/16" borders. Place over the rose border 2 3/4" from the left side.
  4. Trim around the rose oval label leaving a 1/16" border. Color the label with pink and blue inks, including the white border. Add a small amount of warm violet to some areas as desired, keeping the overall effect lighter than your background paper. Wipe off the excess with the paper towel. Mat on black with 1/16" borders. Tie a purple bow and Zot near bottom of the label. Zot knotted ribbon to top of tag.