Smile Page

Lodell Halvorson

Smile Page
By Lodell Halvorson

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Designer's Tip: Adding a word and other stickers to a bracket at the side of the photo will draw attention to the photo.



  1. Use the Fresh Cut teal paper with flowers on the left for the background. Glue a 1"x12" strip of Fresh Cut flowered paper on the right edge. Cut a 6 1/4"x12" Fresh Cut red paper and tear along the long edges. Glue to the page 1/2" from the right, leaving the top left edge unglued for the title. Cut a 4 1/4"x12" Fresh Cut teal/pink swirl and tear the long edges. Glue centered on the red paper.
  2. Trace and cut a Bracket Cutaway from Fresh Cut yellow paper and mat on black cardstock with 1/16" borders. Slide under the edge of the pink, 1/4" from the top, then glue in place. Mat a 5"x6 1/4" photo on white cardstock with 1/16" borders, then on 5 3/8"x6 7/8" black, leaving 1/2" at the bottom. Glue black/pink stitched ribbon across the bottom. Foam tape the photo centered on the pink paper 5/8" from the top.
  3. Add "Smile", hearts, swirl, and butterfly stickers onto the yellow bracket as shown.
  4. Write or print journaling on a foil label and glue under the photo. Glue blue tag in upper left corner and Zot( a red dot bow at the top. Back the butterfly Dazzle™ with yellow paper and glue to the tag. Back flower stickers with blue cardstock and their leaves with yellow paper. Trim the edges and foam tape to the page.
  5. Place leaf vines and butterfly Dazzles™ on the page as shown.