Susan Cobb

By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: There will be some edges showing near the wings of the bird that are not folded edges.



  1. Cut a 4 7/8" light blue cardstock square. Place the template over the back of the cardstock with the Pretty Bird design centered 1 3/4" from the bottom. Trace the shape then remove the template and cut out with your knife. Save the bird cut-out for the inside. Use stencil tape to secure it over the matching pattern on the template.
  2. Cut eleven 1"x2 1/2" strips from the purple foil paper for wings, "a". Cut ten 1"x2 1/2" strips from blue foil paper for the body, "b". Fold each strip to be 3/4" wide. Place the folded edge toward the center of the bird shape beginning with #1 (the back side will facing you). Tape it to the cardstock. Repeat, following numerical order to complete the design. Trim any excess. Turn the piece over to see the design.
  3. Trim your card to a 5" square, then place with the fold at the top. Cover the card front with purple foil paper. Center the cardstock square with the bird on the card front and glue in place.
  4. Flip the template over and place the Stem design on the back of a piece of silver foil paper. Trace the Stem shape and cut it out. Repeat for two Leaf Center shapes on silver foil paper. Trace and cut out two green foil Leaves. Glue the centers to the leaves. Apply foam tape to the back of the silver stem. Add the stem and two leaves overlapping the bird on the card front as shown, for a perch. Add "Thanks" to the lower left portion of the card front.
  5. Glue a 5"x1" blue foil paper across the inside, 1 1/2" from the bottom. Glue a 5"x1/4" green foil strip centered across the blue foil. Write or computer print "For everything" centered on the reserved light blue cardstock cut-out. Mat on purple foil with 1/16" borders. Glue the bird shape overlapping the foil strips.