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Snowy Trees Card

Ann Barba

Snowy Trees Card
By Ann Barba

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Designer's Tip: I found that these stamps work well with pigment ink.



  1. Place your card with the fold on the top. Cut 6 1/2"x5" of navy blue cardstock. Place the large tree stamp on a Rock A Block. Open your Celebrate Petal Point ink pads and carefully slide out the Frost White ink pad. Dab all over the tree stamp until it is evenly covered. Wipe off any excess ink that has gotten on the edges of the Rock A Block. About 1" from the right and 3/4" from the bottom, stamp the tree on the navy blue cardstock. Repeat this process to stamp a variety of trees around the tree, a cluster at the top left, and the reindeer in between the two clusters as shown. Let dry, or set with a heat gun.
  2. Apply short lines and dots of Flower Soft glue to the trees as snow. Sprinkle on the Glitter Frosting and let dry. Apply dots of glue in a wavy line across the top and bottom as shown. Sprinkle on the silver Flower Soft and shake off excess. Let dry. Place "Merry Christmas" across the bottom as shown.
  3. Cut 8" of narrow sheer white ribbon and place across the top of the cardstock, 1/4" from the top. Tape the ends to the back of the piece. Tie a small bow and Zot it to the ribbon, 1" from the right. Finally, glue the cardstock to the front of your blank card.