"Happy Owl-oween" Card

Ann Barba

"Happy Owl-oween" Card
By Ann Barba

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Designer Tip: I love how easy it is to make the HoneyPOP flowers. The Kool Tak double-sided adhesive sheets make it easy and mess-free, too. To get all the colors I wanted, I layered two different colors: BP7 and IB3 to get purple, or BP7 and BT8 to get a darker purple. Be careful not to color over the lines, the alcohol markers bleed easily, and can slightly smudge, even StazOn® ink.



  1. With the fold at the top, cover your card front with the black Halloween words paper. Cut three 7 1/2" lengths of orange/black/white twine and rub a little Tacky glue around the ends to prevent fraying. Glue one piece across the middle of the card, using Zips adhesive lines to adhere it on the ends. Cut off excess. Place the second piece crossing the first piece, with the left end about 1" below the first piece. Attach the ends with small pieces of Zips adhesive lines. Place the third piece crossing the first two, with the left end at the bottom, 3/4" from the left. Glue with Zips adhesive lines. Trim excess twine.
  2. Orange fabulous flower: Stamp the shape that looks like a rounded arrowhead onto the orange Honeycomb paper, with the centerline directly stamped on one of the glue lines of the Honeycomb paper (as shown on the back of the stamp package). Cut out the shape and spread out the Honeycomb paper. Ink up the witch circle stamp with black StazOn® and stamp on the white backing of a double sided adhesive sheet. Cut out around the circle and peel off the lining (either the tinted or the white side, it doesn't matter). Place the ends of the orange Honeycomb strip onto the adhesive circle (leaving about a quarter-sized empty circle in the center), continuing around the circle until you've completed your flower. Trim excess. Peel off the backing of the other side of the adhesive circle and stick to your card 3/4" from the right and 1" from the top.
  3. Coloring images: Stamp the witch circle, standing witch, broomstick, 3 owls, 1 spider, "Guess whoo's wishing you," and "Happy Owl-oween!" on white cardstock using Jet Black StazOn®. Color in the following with BP7 (you will go over it with another color later): owls, spiders, witch hat, cape, and dress. Color in the following with IB3: 2 owls plus the owl in the circle, spiders, hat band, and witch cape. Color in the following with BT8: 1 owl, witch hats and dresses. Color the witch's hair, belt, and boots with OR3. Color the witch's skin with CG3 followed by GT2. Color the owl beaks and feet, star and dots on hat, and belt buckle with GB6. Color the broomstick with GB7.
  4. Cut out all images leaving a 1/16" border. Cut out the greetings in rectangles, slightly rounding the corners. Glue the witch circle to the center of the orange fabulous flower on the front of the card. Glue "Guess whoo's wishing you..." 3/4" from the top and 1/2" from the left. Foam tape two owls perching on the horizontal twine as shown. Glue a hanging spider from the middle piece of twine in the bottom left as shown. Zot a small bow of twine to the lower right of the witch circle image.
  5. Inside: Color the inside fold and 1/4" above and below it with a black marker. Cover both the top and the bottom with black Halloween words paper. Glue the broomstick along the fold, 1 1/2" from the left. Stamp the broom shape onto Honeycomb paper and cut out. Glue inside the card at the right end of the broomstick as shown. Glue the standing witch on top of the broomstick. Glue the third owl onto her outstretched hand. Glue "Happy Owl-oween" 1" from the right, 1/4" above the broom.