Snowflake Ball Ornament

Ann Barba

Snowflake Ball Ornament
By Ann Barba

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Designer's Tip: I cut a thin strip of clear overlay material to "suspend" my snowflake in the center of the ornament. It makes it look like the snowflake is actually floating! Let the Picket Fence Distress Stickles dry overnight.



  1. Open the two halves of the ball ornament. Cut a 1/8"x4" strip of clear overlay material. Use an X-acto® knife to remove the "innies" from the two second-largest snowflakes (to ensure they don't pull up when you lift the snowflakes). Lift one snowflake and place it sticky side up. Place the clear strip down the center of the snowflake. Lift the second snowflake and place it sticky side down on the first snowflake, sandwiching the clear strip in the middle.
  2. Take one half of the ornament and place the snowflake along the middle with the clear strip vertical, going through the loop at the top. Hold the ends of the clear strip on the outside of the ornament, and pop on the other half of the ornament. Trim the clear strip about 1/2" on the top and bottom of the ornament and use clear tape to tape the ends down.
  3. Place the Dazzle border along the seam of the ball. Place a couple swirl corner Dazzles at the top and bottom of the front. Create a loop with 7" of narrow light blue grosgrain ribbon. Tie a small bow with white sheer dot ribbon and Zot to the top of the ornament, on the loop. Tie white memory thread around the top of the ornament and curl the ends around the paintbrush handle. Use Picket Fence Distress Stickles to create "snow" all over the ornament and let dry overnight.