Peanut Butter & Jelly

LeNae Gerig

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Designer: LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: These Home Grown Scrapbooking Dazzles and Home Grown Flowers Papier Tole really add detail and dimension to this page.



  1. Place a sheet of Home Grown yellow flowers paper on your work surface. Cut a 12"x3 1/4" piece of Home Grown tan doily paper and glue even with the bottom of the yellow flowers sheet.
  2. Photo: Mat a 4"x6" photo with ivory and red cardstocks, leaving 1/8" borders. Cut a 6" round lace paper doily in half. Cut the doily sticker in half and add to the center of the paper doily. Place the doily half plus sticker beneath the left side of the matted photo, then glue to the left side of an 8 1/2"x7" brown cardstock. Glue to the top center of the tan doily paper. Place the brown ruler Dazzles across a strip of red cardstock and glue to the top of the border and bottom of photo mat edge.
  3. Add border stickers along the right side of the brown cardstock as shown. Assemble the Papier Tole embellishments with foam tape, then glue to the page as shown.
  4. Trim 3/4" from the top edge of a border doily. Glue the top edge of the doily border even with the bottom edge of the ruler Dazzles sticker. Add yellow grosgrain ribbon across the top edge of the border doily. Tie 4 knots evenly spaced across a 15" length of brown gingham ribbon and glue across the border below the yellow ribbon. Add border stickers to the border doily, below the ribbons.
  5. Place Dazzles clothes pins at the top left and right corners of the photo mat. Back the 2 heart borders with red cardstock and glue to the top corners of the page. Back a star/circle sticker with red cardstock and add to the center of the border doily.
  6. Write on a 4"x3 1/2" piece of ivory cardstock and tear the right edge. Ink the edges brown and glue to the lower right side of the photo mat. Replace numbers in the text with Dazzles gold numbers. Back "Home Grown" sticker with red cardstock and trim edges evenly. Foam tape to the bottom left corner as shown. Place tiny heart Dazzles at the top corners. Back tiny jars with red cardstock and yellow flower paper strip and glue between the text.
  7. Back a canning jar Dazzles sticker with clear acetate cut from the 8x8 overlay. Tear an edge on the yellow floral paper and glue to cover half of the back of the jar. Cover the remaining portion of the jar with red cardstock. Place the "fresh" and strawberry Dazzles on the jar front. Cut a piece of the remaining round paper doily to fit beneath the lid of the jar, then tie yellow ribbon around the lid. Foam tape to the corner of the journaling.
  8. Trace a template label shape onto red cardstock, ink the edges and place the stacked farm animals Dazzles. Foam tape the label above the journaling. Tie a yellow grosgrain bow and Zot to the round paper doily near the matted photo. Zot brown/ivory dotted ribbon to the border doily at the right side. Add gold dots from the tiny numbers sticker sheet to embellish the page as shown.