Snowflake Ornament

Lodell Halvorson

Snowflake Ornament
By Lodell Halvorson

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Designer's Tip: Apply darkest glitter first and finish with the lightest.



  1. Apply stencil adhesive sheets to one side of a 4 1/2" square cardstock. Remove the backing to expose the adhesive and place the stencil on the adhesive. Cut around the outside edges with the knife.
  2. Use small sticky notes to mask (cover) the open spaces around the outside of the snowflake and just leave the center open. Apply blue glitter and tap off the excess.
  3. Remove the mask and apply turquoise glitter to the exposed areas. Tap off the excess and remove the stencil. Apply silver glitter to the rest of the snowflake and tap off the excess.
  4. Apply adhesive to the opposite side of the ornament and repeat the glitter application process.
  5. Punch a hole at the top and thread the memory wire through. Tie a bow at the front and wind the ends around a pencil or straw to create the curled look.