Let it Snow

Susan Cobb

Let it Snow
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Place the 3-D Foil Papier Tole Snowmen overlapping the photos so they have the look of interacting with them. The sparkle silver twine adds texture, sparkle and fun to the snowmen.



  1. Turn the blue snowflake border background paper so the snowflake border is at the bottom. Mat the 6"x4" photo on burgundy cardstock with 1/16" borders at top, bottom and left side, and a 1" border at the right.
  2. Cut three 5" lengths of sparkle twine and place vertically on the 1" border of the burgundy mat, crossing them as shown. Glue or tape the ends to the back to secure. Mat on tan snowflakes paper with 1/2" borders, then brown snowflake textured paper with 1/16" borders. Ink the edges brown. Cut a 2 3/4" length of "Let it Snow" ribbon and dovetail the left end. Fold over the right end and glue in place so the ribbon overlaps the right side of the photo. Glue to the top background paper, 1 1/2" from the right.
  3. Mat remaining photos on burgundy, then brown (or blue and brown) as shown. Cut pieces of sparkle twine to fit around the smaller photo and glue in place. Cut a 2 3/4" length of "Let it Snow" ribbon, trim, and add over the right side of the smaller photo as in step #2. Arrange photos overlapped and glue to the page as shown.
  4. Cut ivory mini rick rack to fit sides of photos as shown and glue in place. Punch out the #1 image for one of the Papier Tole embellishments. Punch out #2 image and foam tape over its matching design. Repeat foam taping each number until the design is complete. Repeat for the second embellishment. Add sparkle twine to the snowmen. Glue to the page, on the upper left and lower right, overlapping the photos as shown.
  5. Write or computer print words on tan cardstock and trim into a tag shape. Ink the edges brown and mat on burgundy, with 1/16" borders. Glue the tag overlapping a photo near the bottom of the page. Add knotted "Let it Snow" ribbon near bottom of the lower snowman. Tie an ivory crepe bow, dovetail the ends and Zot near the upper left corner. Add knotted ivory ribbon near tag.