Peace, love & Happiness card

LeNae Gerig

Peace, love & Happiness card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Note Card Alternative: Cut a card into a 5"x4" note card and place the stencil over the card front and secure with tape. Mist with all 3 colors of mist. Let dry and tie a ribbon around the fold into a bow.



  1. Cover work surface with scrap paper. Place the blank card with the fold at the side. Mist the entire card with yellow mist. Let dry. Place the stencil with the pattern flush with the top of the card.
  2. Spray red on the top left and right corners ad at the bottom center. Mist remaining areas blue. Remove stencil and clean. Let the card dry.
  3. Write "Peace, Love & Happiness" on red cardstock. Cut into a 5"x3/4" strip and glue across the card, 1/8" from the bottom. Place Dazzles( lines across the top and bottom of the red greeting. Place a heart on each end.