Happy Birthday!

Susan Cobb

Happy Birthday!
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Fold the card into 3 sections to create a flap that overlaps the front. Decorate the die-cut edge with red rhinestones for a pretty look.



  1. Place the card with the die-cut edge at the left. Score a vertical line 3 1/4" from the left edge (from the furthest point). Score another vertical line 3 1/2" from the right edge. Fold on the scored lines and place with the die-cut flap at the top, overlapping the front of the card.
  2. Cut a 5"x3 1/4" red/ivory gingham paper and glue even with the top edge of the bottom section of the card front, leaving a 1/4" white border at the bottom. Trim sides evenly with the card. Cut a blue labels/yellow tiny flowers section from the striped paper sheet and glue even with the bottom edge of the gingham paper.
  3. Cut a 5"x1" strip of yellow/tiny flowers paper and glue even with the fold of the die-cut flap. Trim a blue/white scalloped lace edge from striped paper and glue even with the fold. Trim a brown lace edge from striped paper and glue along the bottom edge of the yellow/tiny flowers paper.
  4. Write or computer print "Happy Birthday!" on yellow cardstock, then use the template to trace the "Bracket Label F" around the words. Cut out the label and mat on blue labels paper (from the striped paper sheet) with a thin border. Foam tape the label to the die-cut flap, centered between the flowers and the paper on the top flap.
  5. Open the top flap. Use the paint brush handle to gently push out the die-cut flower petals for dimension. Push out die-cut leaves. Add bling to the die-cut flowers and lace paper border as shown. Zot knotted ribbon as shown.