Susan Cobb

By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Use Artist Spackle for the swirls inside the trees, then paint them with silver Smooch and Smooch Glitz for added sparkle! Glitter Star Dazzles, red rhinestones and Silver Linen Specialty cardstock are the finishing touches.



  1. Place your card with the fold at the left. Cut a 5"x6 1/2" craft cardstock and place on protected work surface. Spray strawberry ink around the edges of the cardstock and let dry. Place the swirl mask centered at the top of the cardstock. Spray strawberry ink over the mask (2-3 sprays), then carefully remove the mask. Rinse the mask with water and pat dry with a paper towel. Place the mask at the bottom of the cardstock and spray again as you did for the top. Let dry.
  2. Replace the mask over your stenciled design at the top of the cardstock rectangle. Now lightly spray with artichoke ink 2-3 sprays. Carefully remove the mask, then repeat for the bottom with a clean mask. Let the cardstock dry. Glue even with the card front.
  3. Cut a 4" square from craft cardstock and place on your protected work surface. Take the trees mask and tape off the swirl openings within the trees to mask them, on the top side of the mask. Place the mask centered on the cardstock square. Spray with artichoke ink, 5-6 sprays over the mask. Carefully remove the mask. Lightly add 1-2 more sprays of the artichoke ink over the stenciled trees. Let dry. Rinse the stencil with water and remove the tape. Pat dry with a paper towel.
  4. Replace the clean mask over the trees design on your cardstock square. Anchor the mask lightly with stencil tape. Use the squeegee to apply a small amount of Artist Spackle over the swirls, then spread it evenly, being careful to stay within the trees. Carefully lift the stencil and remove any stray bits of excess spackle with your knife. Rinse the mask with water and pat dry. Let the spackled trees dry.
  5. Replace the mask over the spackled swirls. Paint over the swirls with silver fox smooch ink and let dry. Add Starlight Smooch Glitz over the silver fox smooch (I added the Glitz to the larger areas of the swirls, then used my knife to easily pull the Glitz to the thinner areas). Let dry.
  6. Mat the square on silver linen with 1/16" borders. Glue centered to the red/green stenciled card front. Use the mask as a stencil to trace a trunk for each tree on silver linen cardstock. Cut them out and glue to the trees as shown. Add silver glitter star stickers and red rhinestones as shown. Add "Blessings" to the upper left of the trees. Zot a red/tan gingham ribbon bow below the trees on the right.