For Someone Special

Susan Cobb

For Someone Special
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Use a the Design Tool Kit #2 to trace fun shapes onto Washi sheets, then cut them out, mixing colors and patterns together. For the teal background, I cut the label shape from the center and added the outer portion to the card. Then cut the same label shape from the purple Washi sheet and placed it inside the teal piece. Stickles is a great accent for flower centers and outlining shapes.



  1. Trim the card to 5"x5 1/2". Cut a 5"x5 1/2" piece from the teal Washi sheet. Turn the piece over so the backing is face up on your cutting surface. Place the Vintage Sign shape centered on the backing and trace around the shape with the pencil. Use your knife to cut the shape from the center of the piece and set aside the inside shape. Remove the backing about 1" across the top of the outer shape of the Washi material and align it with the top of the card front. Continue to remove a small amount of the backing and align the piece with the card, then smooth in place.
  2. Trace the Vintage Sign shape onto the purple Washi sheet and cut it out. Place it on the card inside the teal material, aligning the shapes. Use the silver Stickles to outline the shape and let dry.
  3. Use the Design Tool Kit shapes to trace and cut out a heart from the pink Washi sheet and a flower from the teal Washi sheet. Mat the shapes on white cardstock with 1/16" borders. Trace and cut out one additional heart shape from white cardstock. Stamp "For someone Special" on the white heart with blackberry ink, then ink the edges of both hearts. Arrange hearts and flower shapes on the card front overlapping the purple Vintage Sign shape. Glue in place. Add silver Stickles to the centers of 2 magenta flowers and 1 purple flower and let dry. Zot flowers to the shapes as shown. Tie a dark pink crepe ribbon bow and Zot as shown.