Chipboard House ornament

Susan Cobb

Chipboard House ornament
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: I added pretty detail to the windows and door of the house by embossing the chipboard pieces white, then lined them with white vellum. I used an X-acto® knife to trim the excess paper from the chipboard pieces for nice clean edges. A knife is also handy for pulling the Liquid Pearls Dimensional paint to look like drifted snow and icicles on the roof.



  1. Open the Chipboard House package and place the pieces on your work surface. Set aside the hanger, clear red material, and chipboard base for now. Take the 3 chipboard window/door pieces and ink the fronts with Versamark, then sprinkle with embossing powder. Shake off the excess, and emboss with the Heat Tool. Repeat with the corrugated fence piece. Back the windows and door pieces with white vellum, and trim. Set pieces aside.
  2. Cover the sides of the house with blue snowflakes border paper so the border area covers the pieces. Trim edges and window openings with your knife. Glue the embossed/vellum window and door pieces inside the openings and let dry. Glue the sided edges of the house together and allow to dry.
  3. Cover the outside of the large roof piece with brown snowflakes paper, trimming edges evenly. Now trim out the opening near the center. Cover the inside as well, and trim out the opening once again. Cover the top of the arched roof section with brown snowflakes paper and trim the edges. Cover the underneath side with light blue paper from the bordered sheet.
  4. Place the large roof piece over the top of the house, with the triangular opening at the front. Glue the roof in place, checking for proper alignment at sides and back. Hold the piece in place for a few minutes to let the glue set a bit. Let dry. Place the arched roof section on the front of the roof over the triangular opening and check to see that it will fit. If it does not, use your knife to trim the lower side edges of the triangular opening so the arched piece will fit properly. Glue the arched section over the opening and hold in place a few minutes. Place rubber bands around the house to anchor the pieces in place while drying.
  5. Place the hanger in the center roof opening so it fits snugly. Add glue to secure as needed. Trim pieces of Silver Lines Dazzles to fit around the windows, door, edges of the house and roof. Thin some glue with water to make a spreadable consistency, then use the paint brush to cover the outside of the roof and arched roof section evenly with glue. Sprinkle with white glitter and shake off the excess. Let dry.
  6. Apply Liquid Pearls to the top of the hanger and along the edges of the roof, using the tip of your knife to pull the paint down randomly to look like icicles and drifted snow. Add more Liquid Pearls to the edges of the house, and along windows and door as desired, except along the very bottom. Let dry.
  7. Cover the chipboard base with light blue/brown paper from the bordered sheet and trim edges evenly. Use the paint brush to spread thinned glue evenly over the paper. Sprinkle with white glitter and shake off the excess. Let dry. Zot silver tinsel around the outer edges of the base and trim the excess.
  8. Glue the house to the glittered base, leaving space for the fence on the right side. Decorate the house with snowflake stickers and bling as desired. Add Liquid Pearls at the bottom of the house along the base as desired. Glue the white embossed fence to the base and hold in place for a few minutes. Let dry. Add Liquid Pearls along the top and bottom edges of the fence as desired. Let dry thoroughly.
  9. Use the template to trace a "Rounded Tag C" shape from purple cardstock, then cut it out. Mat on light blue paper and add "Peace" sticker on the center. Punch a 1/8" hole in the end of the tag then thread a 17" length of blue grosgrain ribbon through the hole, then through the hanger at the top of the house. Tie a bow at the top of the ribbon to hang the ornament.