Candy cane tag

Susan Cobb

Candy cane tag
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Use a layering technique with Artist's Spackle to create two candy canes with a bow. When dry, paint the images with Smooch inks for a shimmery finish.



  1. Place the tag on your work surface. Mask off the words and bow areas of the stencil with tape. Place the stencil over the center of the tag with the curved top of the candy cane angled to the left. Tape the stencil in place. Use the squeegee to apply a small amount of artist spackle over the openings in the stencil then spread it evenly. Carefully remove the stencil and let dry. Remove the tape, then rinse the stencil and dry it with a paper towel.
  2. Turn the stencil over. Mask off areas on the stencil except for the candy cane. Place the candy cane portion of the stencil overlapping the dry spackled candy cane (angled to the right) and proceed as you did for the first one in step #1 for the second candy cane. Let dry.
  3. Place the stencil facing up again and mask the candy cane and words areas with tape. Place the bow area over the center of the dry spackled candy canes and proceed as you did in steps #1 and #2 for the bow. Let dry.
  4. Use the stencil, squeegee and spackle to add "To:" to the top of the tag and "From:" near the bottom of the tag. Let dry. Paint the spackled candy canes red, and the bow green. Replace the stencil over the words to paint over the letters, then carefully remove the stencil. Let the ink dry.
  5. Embellish the edges of the tag and center of the bow with green bling as shown. Tie a loop of gold sparkle twine through the hole at the top, then Zot a red bow as shown.