Cherish Chipboard House Wall Hanging

Susan Cobb

Cherish Chipboard House Wall Hanging
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Cover the chipboard label and house pieces with coordinating patterned papers, then decorate with ribbons, Dazzles, and chalked Artisan words and flowers for a beautiful look. The fun is in the details! This wall hanging is fun to create and makes a perfect gift!



  1. Place a chipboard label horizontal on your work surface. Cover with aqua/pink textured paper with the pink floral design on the upper right side. Trim edges evenly. Cut a pink/teal/green strip from striped paper and glue across the label, just below center. Trim edges evenly, then ink the edges with blackberry ink and let dry. Place a lacy border sticker across the pink portion of the paper strip trimming edges evenly as shown.
  2. Chalk the Artisan word "Cherish" and the key with burgundy and purple chalks. Chalk the centers of 3 hearts with aqua chalk and the outer portion of each with burgundy and purple chalks. Place the word, key, and two hearts on the label as shown, reserving the remaining heart for the house. Chalk one flower with pink chalk, and the other with burgundy and purple chalks. Cut two simple leaf shapes from green paper and ink the edges. Zot the flowers and leaves to the label as shown.
  3. Open the Chipboard House package and place the pieces on your work surface. Set aside the hanger, clear red material, and chipboard base for now. Take the 2 chipboard window/door pieces and ink the fronts with Versamark, then sprinkle with white embossing powder. Shake off the excess, and emboss with the Heat Tool. Back the window and door pieces with white vellum, and trim. Set pieces aside.
  4. Cover the sides of the house with burgundy floral paper, trimming edges and window openings evenly with your knife. Ink the edges with blackberry ink and let dry. Glue the embossed/vellum window and door pieces inside the openings, making sure they are centered in the space. Let dry. Glue the side edges of the house together and allow to dry.
  5. Cover both sides of the roof piece with pink dotted paper, trimming outer edges evenly, but do not cut out the opening at the center of the roof. Ink the edges of the roof with blackberry ink and let dry. Position the roof on the house, making sure it is centered properly. Glue in place with Tacky Glue and hold in place with your fingers a few minutes. Place rubber bands around the house to hold the roof in place as it dries.
  6. Cut nine 1 3/4" long pieces of pink pleated satin for the roof. Zot 4 rows of pleated satin on each side of the roof, then add the last piece at the center. Fold the outer edges of the edges under and Zot in place. Trim pieces of White Lacy Border Dazzles to fit along the edges of the roof and bottom of the house. Add to the house as shown.
  7. Cut aqua grosgrain ribbon to fit along the edges of the front of the roof and glue in place. Embellish the white lacy border stickers on the house with pink bling. Add a pink rhinestone to the door for a door knob. Place the remaining chalked heart from step #2 on the front of the house, centered near the roof.
  8. 8) Trim 1/4" from across one long side of the chipboard base. Cover the base with green paper and trim edges evenly. Turn the piece over and cover the back with aqua/pink textured paper. Trim edges evenly and ink edges with blackberry ink and let dry. Glue the house centered on the base, even with the back edge and allow to dry. Turn the house/base over and add Tacky glue to the edges of the house and base, and foam tape to the back of the house at the center. Place the house on the label, overlapping the pink/teal/green paper strip and allow to dry.
  9. 9) Cut a lacy border sticker to fit beneath the base of the house and add to the label as shown. Embellish the sticker with pink bling. Add turquoise bling to the flowers in the design of the background paper and the paper strip as shown. Add pink bling to the word, key, and center of the chalked flower. Tie an aqua grosgrain bow and Zot to the key. Zot knotted pink dotted ribbon near the base of the house.
  10. 10) Hang the label with pink dotted ribbon and add knotted ribbons to the top at the front as shown.