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Cherish Card

Abbie Friesen

Cherish Card
By Abbie Friesen

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Designer's Tip: The die-cut image is made up of nine square, repeated designs, which is helpful in knowing where to place the ribbon and Dazzles on the card.



  1. With the fold on the left, trim the card to 5"x5". Cut 5"x5" of White Truffle cream paper, and ink the edges black. Glue it on the card.
  2. Cut the black cardstock to fit inside the machine. Place it on die and the cutting plate with the cutting mat on top. Run it through the machine. Remove the black cardstock from the die and pop out the inside pieces. Back the die-cut cardstock on gold paper, and glue it centered on the front.
  3. Tie a bow of ½" black grosgrain ribbon and Zot the center on the middle of the top-left die-cut square. Cut the left strand to be 1" in length, at a slight angle as shown. Cut the right strand to be 2 ½" in length, and Zot the right strand on the die-cut. Tie a bow of 1/8" white grosgrain ribbon and Zot( it on the center of the black bow. Cut the strands to be 1" in length. Place "Cherish" Dazzles on the middle of the black right ribbon strand. Place six small heart Dazzles on the centers of the bottom six die-cut design centers as shown.
  4. Inside: Glue one long die-cut "innie" shape on the top-right corner, ¼" from the edges. Place a heart Dazzles below the die-cut. Cut a 1/8"x3 5/8" strip of gold paper, and glue it below the heart Dazzles.