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Congratulations card

Ann Barba

Congratulations card
By Ann Barba

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Designer Tip: The Perfect Pens are great to color in the shapes of the leaves. I used the brush tip for tiny details and the bullet tip for coloring in larger areas. They worked great!



  1. Instructions
  2. Cut 6 1/2"x5" of brown cardstock. Place the leaf stencil going off the top edge of the cardstock on the left side and secure with stencil tape. Use the Perfect Pens to color in the leaf shapes. Remove the stencil and shift it to the right to continue the design. Repeat coloring in the leaves. Dip the small brush from the Perfect Pearls set into the copper Perfect Pearls, and apply to the leaves in a pouncing motion. Once the leaves are covered in Perfect Pearls, Use the large brush to brush off the excess Perfect Pearls.
  3. Create a second row of leaves like the first, using bronze Perfect Pearls. Use Copper for the third row, and Gold for the fourth row. There should be about 1 1/2" of space left along the bottom. Glue the piece to the front of the card, with the fold on the top. Place "Congratulations" on the bottom right of the card. Zot a bow of gold swirl ribbon to the left of the greeting as shown.
  4. For the inside: cut 6 1/2"x4 3/4" of brown cardstock. Create a row of Copper leaves along the bottom. Place "Just For You" in the center. Cut 8" of gold swirl ribbon and place it along the top, 1/2 from the top. Tie a bow around this piece, centering it. Zot the bow in the center, then glue or Zot the ends of the horizontal piece to the back. Finally, glue the piece covering the inside of the card.