For You Card

Abbie Friesen

For You Card
By Abbie Friesen

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Designer's Tip: When embossing the lines of the stencil on Pergamano® paper, be careful to push hard enough on it to make a white line but not punch through the paper. Practice on a test sheet to determine the right amount of pressure needed.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the top. Cover it with green cardstock. Cut 6"x4½" of black cardstock, and glue it centered on the card. Using an X-acto® pen knife, cut a 6½" strip of two Penelope scalloped paper layers, outlining the scalloped edge. Glue it on the top edge. Cut a 6 ½" strip of scalloped paper, six layers. Glue it 1" from the bottom edge.
  2. Using stencil tape, tape the large butterfly grid on Pergamano® paper, and place it on the embossing mat with the stencil on top of the paper. Using the stylus, emboss the stencil shapes. Reach the edges of the shapes using the Paper Blossoms 1 mm embossing tool. Emboss the stencil lines using the stylus. Flip the stencil over and place it on the perforating mat. Pierce the stencil holes using the perforating pen. Remove the stencil, and clip the outside perforated edge of the large butterfly using the sharp point scissors. Mat it on black cardstock with 1/16". Foam tape it 1/8" from the bottom-left corner of the card, and at a slight angle as shown. Place "For You" Dazzles above the butterfly antennae.
  3. Cut 10" of ¾" mauve sheer ribbon. Zot it on the right side of the card, ¾" from the edge. Fold over the ribbon and Zot it on top of the first layer. Emboss the butterfly/hearts small border on Pergamano® paper. Pierce the holes, and clip the perforated edge. Zot the border on the bottom of the ribbon as shown. Cut a 1½" length of ½" white grosgrain ribbon with dovetails. Zot it on the top of the mauve ribbon. Tie a bow of 1/8" pink grosgrain ribbon, and cut the left strand at 2 ¼" in length and the right strand at 5". Zot the bow on the center of the white ribbon. Curl the strands and Zot them in place.