Thank You Card

Abbie Friesen

Thank You Card
By Abbie Friesen

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Designer's Tip: Use a tweezers to help you thread the buttons with white cardstock. Place the strip of cardstock on the middle of the button, between the button holes, and press your tweezers in the holes to secure it.



  1. Place a standard size card with the fold on the top. Punch out the black and white tropic flowers paper and glue it centered on the front.
  2. Punch out the black paper strip, and glue it 1" from the bottom edge on the left side of the card with the edge aligned to the paper. Cut a 3 ½" length of ¼" yellow grosgrain ribbon, and glue it centered on the black strip. Glue a yellow flower on an orange flower so the orange peddles show from behind. Glue it ¼" from the bottom-right edges of the paper. Glue a yellow flower ¼" from the top-left of the card edges.
  3. Punch out the "Thanks" greeting, and glue it centered on the yellow flower at a slight angle as shown. Punch out a white dot, and glue it centered on the yellow/orange flower.
  4. Pick out three small buttons and one medium button. Cut eight 3/8"x1/16" tiny strips of cardstock. Glue two strips on the button centers, making a crisscross to thread the buttons. Zot a small button on the center of the yellow ribbon, 1 ¼" from the left end. Zot another small button on the right and another on the left side of the middle button, ½" from the ribbon ends. Zot the medium button on the white circle of the flower.