Thinking of You Card

Abbie Friesen

Thinking of You Card
By Abbie Friesen

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Designer's Tip: Ink the light green cardstock edges brown for an added visual effect on the card.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the left. Cover it with light green cardstock. Cut out the bunny sniffing flowers image and mat it on dark brown cardstock with 1/16" borders. Glue it on the card centered 5/8" from the top edge. Punch out the matching papier tole die-cuts and foam tape them on the image.
  2. Cut 5" of ½" orange twill ribbon and Zot it 1" from the bottom edge. Cut out the papier tole border and cut it to be a 5" strip. Zot it on the middle of the orange ribbon. Cut 3¾"x1 1/8" of brown cardstock and place "Thinking Of You" Dazzles on the center. Foam tape it centered on the ribbon.
  3. Cut 3¾" length of green mini rick rack ribbon and Zot it on the bottom edge of the greeting. Tie a bow of rick rack and cut the strands to be 1 1/8" in length. Zot it on the top-left corner of the bunny image.