Greetings Card

Abbie Friesen

Greetings Card
By Abbie Friesen

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Designer's Tip: Slowly move the heat tool around the stencil edges for the spirograph design to have clean edges on the paper.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the left. Cover it with golden yellow paper.
  2. Cut 5"x6 1/2" of cream Paper Tex. Place the stencil on the paper centered 1/2" from the top edge and tape it down. Place it on your ceramic tile. Before plugging in the Sizzle, install the taper tip. Plug in the Sizzle, switch it to high heat, and set it on the wire holder to heat up. After about 5 minutes, begin tracing the stencil on the ceramic tile, melting the Paper Tex. After you have traced the whole image, lift the Paper Tex and stencil from the tile and check the reverse to see if you need to go over any areas. After your image is complete, turn off and unplug your Sizzle and let set for about 30 minutes to cool before putting it away. Remove any "innies" from the Paper Tex and the tile.
  3. Trace the inner flower and center burst of the stencil on purple paper. Cut out the inner flower, then the center burst, and glue it behind the Tex Paper. Glue it on the card. Trace the outside circle of the stencil on brown weave paper, cut out the circle and discard it. Cut the paper to 5"x4 3/4" so the cut out shape aligns with the Tex Paper circle. Mat it on dark brown paper with 1/8" borders on the bottom and circle edges. Glue it on the card along the top edge.
  4. Cut 2"x 3/4" of Tex Paper. Computer print "Greetings" on its center. Mat it on dark brown paper with 1/16" borders, leaving 3/4" on the bottom. Glue it 1/2" from the bottom-right edges of the card at a slight angle as shown.
  5. Cut 5" of 3/4" dark purple crepe ribbon and glue it 1/2" from the bottom edge. Cut 5" of white mini rick rack ribbon and glue it centered on the purple ribbon. Cut 9" of 1/2" purple dotted ribbon and tie a bow in it. Zot( the bow below the greeting, and cut the ends at an angle.