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Greetings Card

Abbie Friesen

Greetings Card
By Abbie Friesen

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Designer's Tip: To make tiny bows with ribbon, tie it first on the ribbon end of a length, and cut the ends after the loops are the size you want.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the top. Cut it to be 6"x5", and cover it with red paper. Cut 4"x5" of white paper and mat it on black paper with 1/8" borders on the right and left side. Glue it on the card centered.
  2. Punch out the red heart die-cuts (silver numbers) and foam tape images 2-5 on image 1. Glue it on the center of the card, ¼" from the top edge. Punch out a black flower and a silver heart extra artwork. Foam tape the heart on the flower, and glue it on the bottom-right side of the papier tole.
  3. Cut two 5" lengths of ¼" red twill ribbon. Zot one ¼" from the right edge of the white paper, and Zot the other length ¼" from the left edge. Cut three 2" lengths of ½" white grosgrain ribbon, and cut dovetails on the ends. Zot two lengths on the left red ribbon, 1/8" from the top and bottom edges. Zot the other length on the middle of the right red ribbon. Tie a bow of red ribbon and cut the ends to be ¾" in length. Make two more bows repeating the step. Zot a bow on the middle each white ribbon.
  4. Place "Happy Valentine's Day" Dazzles 1/8" from the bottom card edge on the locations shown.