Girls Are Always Right Wall Hanging

Abbie Friesen

Girls Are Always Right Wall Hanging
By Abbie Friesen

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Designer's Tip: When typing out the sentiment on your computer, add two spaces between each letter and three spaces between each word. When going over the letters of the sentiment with a black pen, slightly mark outside of the printed ink edges for a messy look.



  1. Unpack all the art parts kit pieces. Trace the circle base on Happy Days dark stars paper. Cut it out and glue it on the piece. Trace the open circle on Happy Days blue suns paper. Cut, and then glue it on the piece. Trace the two flourishes on Happy Days green circles paper. Cut and glue each on their matching piece. Trace the three flowers on Happy Days orange paper. Cut and glue them on their matching piece. Stamp the face on light tan cardstock and loosely cut around the image. Glue it on the piece and trim the edges. Trace the sentiment piece on a blue section of the banner paper and cut it out. Computer print the sentiment on the right side, and glue it on the piece.
  2. Mist the following pieces with its listed color(s). Circle base: sun kissed-7 pumps. Open circle: Sea Breeze-5 pumps, sun kissed-3 pumps. Flourishes: Evergreen-3 pumps, sun kissed-7 pumps. Flowers: sun kissed-4 pumps. Sentiment: sun kissed-3 pumps. Face: sun kissed-4 pumps.
  3. Chalk the face piece with the following colors. Hair: brown and burgundy. Cheeks: red. Eyelids: purple. Glue the mini lips in place. Chalk the edges of the sentiment with blue, and go over the letters with a black pen.
  4. Glue the open circle on the circle base. Glue the face on the top right side in the circle. Glue the sentiment 1¼" from the bottom of the circle, slightly over the bottom edge of the face. Glue the small flourish above the sentiment on the left side of the open circle, and glue the big flourish on the sentiment. Glue the big flower on the big flourish, then the medium flower on the big flower. Glue the top hap on the face and Zot the small flower on it, as shown.
  5. Thread a medium black button with memory thread, and Zot it on the center of the medium flower. Thread a small black button and Zot it on the center of the small flower. Place medium Jewel Dazzles on the medium flower, and one on the center of a small flourish point, as shown. Place small Jewel Dazzles on the big flower, as shown, and one on the bottom-right of the sentiment. Place a large Jewel Dazzles on the center of a big flourish point, as shown. Tie a bow of ½" rust twill ribbon and cut the strands to be 2 ½" long. Using tacky glue, glue the strands on the top-backside of the circle base.