It Takes a Long Time Card

Gail Booth

It Takes a Long Time Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Embossing on the background and on the foreground gives more dimension. Combine white and black embossing powders for a mottled look.



  1. Place your card with the fold on the left. Center a 4 7/8"x6 3/8" black cardstock on front. Center a 4 5/8"x6 1/8" White Truffle tan flourish paper. Place a 2 1/4"x6 3/8" White Truffle dotted paper on left edge of black. Place a 1"x6 3/8" White Truffle stripe paper over dotted, even with right edge.
  2. Place "It takes a long time..." stamp on acrylic block. Using VersaMark, stamp text on lower right corner, dust with black embossing powder, shake off excess and set with heat gun. VersaMark a leaf set on upper left corner, dust with white powder and set. VersaMark a leaf set above text, dust with black powder and set.
  3. VersaMark a large flower and a leaf set on black cardstock, dust with white and set. Cut out each stamped image, leaving 1/16" borders. Foam tape as shown.
  4. For inside: Center a 5"x1 3/4" White Truffle dot paper on card. Center a 5"x3/4" stripe over dot paper. VersaMark "We'll be friends forever" on a 2 1/4"x1 1/4" white cardstock, dust with black and set. Ink edges black and foam tape centered on stripe paper.
  5. VersaMark a leaf set on black. Dust with a mixture of a small amount (about 1/4 teaspoon each) of white and black embossing powders. Shake off excess and set with heat gun. Cut out with 1/16" border and foam tape as shown.