Fabulous Lady Etched Ornament

Gail Booth

Fabulous Lady Etched Ornament
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: If after the first application the etching does not seem frosted enough, reapply solution and repeat process before removing the Dazzles.



  1. Remove the silver hanger from the ornament. Place a lady with hat Dazzles on the center of the ornament, and the small scroll Dazzles to the left and right.
  2. Wearing protective gloves, apply the etching cream, according to manufacturer instructions, all over the surface of the ornament. You may want to place a pencil or dowel into the ornament as a holder. Wait 10 minutes and wash off solution with warm water. Use the paintbrush to remove excess etching cream around the Dazzles. If needed, repeat the etching process. Dry thoroughly and remove Dazzles.
  3. Replace ornament hanger. Place flower and dot Dazzles as shown. Thread a 12" length of silver memory thread through the hanger, tie in a knot and wind the ends around a pencil or skewer. Thread a 12" length of black memory thread through the hanger and knot. As you are tying a bow, thread a 12" length of silver memory thread through the knot before cinching. Wind each end around a pencil or skewer.