Butterfly Necklace

Gail Booth

Butterfly Necklace
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Add several different layers of patina inks to get a nice effect when sanded.



  1. Place the brass pendant blank on the open embossing die and run through the embossing machine per the manufacturer's instructions. Remove the charm from the embossing die and place on the craft sheet.
  2. Shake the cobalt patina ink well, then squeeze a few drops onto your craft sheet. Use a paint brush to apply ink all over the front of the butterfly. Let dry, then apply opalite ink, concentrating on the center areas. Let dry, then apply ruby ink sparsely on the outer edges of the wings. Let dry.
  3. Use the Relief Block to sand the raised edges and remove the ink from those areas. Add a jump ring and the cord.