Bee Yourself Necklace

Gail Booth

Bee Yourself Necklace
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Be careful not to get fingerprints on your charm surface before adhering with lacquer.



  1. Place the 1.83"x2.67" acrylic charm over the "Bee Yourself" Charm U-Cut artwork and trace around the outside edges, and the inside hole. Remove the charm, cut out along traced lines and punch a hole on the traced hole area. Apply a light layer of Smooch® Glitz on the bees, flowers and leaves of the artwork. Let dry.
  2. Remove the protective backing from both sides of the charm. Place the "Bee Yourself" side up on your craft paper and cover the image with an even layer of crystal lacquer. Place the charm on top of the lacquered image and wiggle slightly to disburse any air bubbles. Allow the lacquer to ooze out of the sides and let it dry without disturbing.
  3. Turn your charm over, apply an even layer of lacquer to the back and let dry.
  4. Use the sanding block to remove any excess dried lacquer from the edges of the charm if necessary, and poke through the hole with a pencil or skewer to remove any lacquer from the opening. Add a jump ring. Thread a 30" length of ribbon through the ring and tie a knot. Tie a knot every 2" along the ribbon, and tie the ribbon ends in a knot.