Sisters Mixed Media Album

Susan Cobb

Sisters Mixed Media Album
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Showcase a framed photo on the chipboard swirls cover by tucking it into place beneath the swirls.



  1. Place the swirls chipboard page on your protected work surface and mist it with Kiwi and True Turquoise Glimmer Mists. Let dry. Place the canvas page with scalloped edges with the holes at the left and mist with Kiwi Glimmer Mist. Let dry, then mist the other side with Party Pink, then lightly with True Turquoise. Mist the cork page with Party Pink and let dry. Mist the scalloped chipboard page with True Turquoise, and the canvas rectangle with Party Pink. Mist the corrugated page with True Turquoise and Kiwi. Let all pages dry.
  2. Mist Artisan Elements borders, circles and squares with the assorted glimmer mists as shown and let dry. Use the squares to frame photos as desired.
  3. Place a framed photo centered on the swirls chipboard page, tucking it beneath the swirls as shown. Write or computer print "Sisters" and the year on white cardstock and lightly mist with True Turquoise. Punch a 1 1/4" circle so "Sisters" is centered on the circle. Foam tape centered on the Artisan element flower shape and place overlapping the photo. Trim the year to a small rectangle and mat on lime cardstock. Tie a bow with 3/4" wide mauve crepe ribbon and Zot to the lower right portion of the swirls chipboard page. Add year near the ribbon. Cut the chevrons border in half (misted kiwi) and add centered to the top and bottom of the swirls chipboard page.
  4. Add framed photos to the pink/turquoise side of the scalloped canvas page. Add a turquoise border centered across the page between the photos. Write or computer print journaling and names on white cardstock. Lightly mist over the words with True Turquoise. Punch a circle with the names on the center and frame it with an Artisan Elements circle. Add to the page as shown. Trim the journaling into a rectangle and mat on lime cardstock with 1/16" borders. Glue to the page as shown, tucking the right edge beneath the photo.
  5. Mat 2 small photos on pink or lime cardstock with 1/16" borders and glue angled near the bottom of the cork page. Place a large framed photo angled near the top, overlapping the smaller photos. Place a large Artisan Element circle (misted with Party Pink) over the two smaller photos to frame them. Place a large framed photo angled near the top, overlapping the smaller photos, to check for size. Cut away the piece of the Artisan Element circle that the photo would overlap (reserve the piece to use on the turquoise scalloped chipboard page), then add photo in place. Add misted borders and flower as shown.
  6. Stack the pages together and align the holes. Add rings, then tie each ring with ribbons.