You & Me

Susan Cobb

You & Me
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Overlap some of the pieces for a collaged look. I matted some of the Romance Novel elements for added definition and inked the edges of the pieces with copper ink for a pretty elegance.



  1. Ink the album cover (including edges) with copper ink and let dry. Glue a sheet of black/letters and symbols paper to the front, with a 1/4" border at right and top. Tear 1/2" across the bottom edge of a sheet of rose collage paper. Ink the edges copper and let dry. Glue to the front of the album, overlapping the black/letters and symbols paper, 7/8" from the top and 1/2" from the right edge.
  2. Ink the edges of a journaling note card with roses and swirls corners with copper ink and let dry. Turn the piece so the roses are at the bottom. Place overlapping the rose collage paper, 5/8" from the right side and 3/8" from the top. Ink the edges of a blue rose/balloon journaling note with copper ink and let dry. Mat on gold paper with 1/16" borders. Glue to the rose collage paper, 3/4" from the right and bottom.
  3. Ink the edges of the decorative wood embellishments and chipboard stickers you are using with copper ink and let dry. Mat the "beautiful whisper" wood embellishment, plus "you" and "Love" chipboard stickers on black cardstock with 1/16" borders. Write or computer print "Me" on a journaling note card and trim to a rectangle. Mat on black with 1/16" borders. Ink the edges copper. Trim the black scalloped end portion of a journaling note and place beneath the floral rectangle chipboard sticker. Add the bicycle vintage pin tucked beneath the sticker. Glue or foam tape pieces in place. Tie a burgundy crepe bow and Zot near the upper left corner. Tie a bow with 1/8" wide Botanical burgundy grosgrain ribbon and Zot over the trinket pin.