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Best Wishes

Susan Cobb

Best Wishes
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: I colored the zigzag stripes with different colors, blending the edges together for a rainbow effect.



  1. 1) Place your card with the fold at the left. Cover the card front with Chocolate Color Me Zig zag Stripe paper, with the stripes horizontal. Apply Lavender ink along the top stripes (about 1/2" deep) with the stylus and blender tip. Next, apply Azurite ink for the next section, blending the edges of the Lavender with the Azurite. Continue adding ink colors and blending the edges, with the following colors: Sour Apple, Peach Pastel, Azurite, and Sour Apple. Wipe off excess ink with a paper towel.
  2. 2) Glue a 5" length of 3/4" wide purple crepe ribbon across the center of the card front. Cut out the large scalloped square label leaving a 1/16" white border. Use the Stylus and blender tip to color the daisy flower petals Lavender, the smaller flower petals Azurite, the daisy flower centers Peach Pastel, the leaves and swirls Sour Apple, and the border Azurite. Wipe off excess ink with a paper towel.
  3. 3) Add "Best Wishes" to the center of the label. Foam tape the label centered over the purple ribbon. Tie a purple bow and Zot to the right side of the label as shown.
  4. 4) Cut a 2 1/2"x6 1/2" Chocolate Color Me Zig zag Stripe paper. Color it with the inks as you did for the front and wipe off the excess. Glue to the inside, even with the fold. Cut out the oval label with zig zag striped border leaving a 1/16" border. Write or computer print "for a happy retirement" centered on the oval. Color the bottom of the border with Azurite ink and the top with Sour Apple ink, letting the color extend to the white border at the edge. Glue the label centered over the right edge of the paper on the inside. Cut out the flower art and color it using Lavender ink and Azurite ink. Glue it overlapping the left side of the label. Zot knotted ribbon to bottom of label as shown.