Valentine Ornament

LeNae Gerig

Valentine Ornament
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: To suspend the heart inside the ornament and in midair, sandwich Dazzles™ between clear strips of overlay.



  1. Place the large scallop heart Dazzles™ on black cardstock and cut around the scallops, leaving a 1/32" border. Place a medium heart at the center.
  2. Cut 1 1/4"x8" of overlay material. Glue the back of the black cardstock heart to one side. Place a large Dazzles™ heart centered on the black heart over the overlay strip.
  3. Open the ornament and run a very thin line of hot glue along 1" of the top and bottom edges. Glue the 1/2 ornament down over the overlay strip, with the heart "floating" at the center of the ornament. Trim the excess overlay even with the ball edge. Snap the ornament pieces together.
  4. Place lengths of Dazzles™ heart border on the left and right seams to the ornament. Thread a 5" length of red Memory Thread and twist the ends. Glue the ends to the ball top to secure.
  5. Hold an 8" length of both red and gold Memory Thread as one and tie a bow. Coil the tails around a stylus or pencil point and glue the bow the base of the ornament hanger. Place tiny Dazzles™ hearts around the front and back of the ball.