County Fair Day

LeNae Gerig

County Fair Day
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Create tent flaps using double sided paper. Add ribbon ties for an added touch of dimension to your page. Consider using only portions of the Papier Tole layers on one project and save other layers for another. I used the #1 layer from a Papier Tole on the inside on the card.



  1. Glue 11"x 1 1/4" Zig Zag paper across the orange circle paper, 1/2" from the bottom. Ink the edges of 11 1/2" square blue banner paper black.
  2. Flaps: From the center of the blue paper, cut 6 1/2" up to the paper center. Glue the 4 corners of the banner paper centered on the orange circle paper, temporarily covering your photo.
  3. Fold back to expose the green circle paper on the back. Place Dazzles™ zig zag borders along the bottom edge of each flap. Use two lengths of _____ ribbon to tie bows and Zot( on each side of the flap for tent ties.
  4. Punch a photo using each size circle punch. Mat each with black cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Glue to the top right corner of the page, using foam tape on the smaller photo.
  5. Layer the "Happy Day" Papier Tole with foam tape and glue to the right of the large circle photo. Use layers 2, 3 & 4 of the green/blue circle Papier Tole and place the "enjoy" Dazzles™ at the center. Glue to the left of the large circle photo.
  6. Back the large Dazzles™ flags with solid and patterned paper. Place Dazzles™ flags on the left flap. Use the pen to write on the flags. Back the "A Special Day" Dazzles™ with solid red and then white ping paper. Foam tape to the right flap. Back "Amazing" Dazzles™ with red and glue to the right flap. Add "Extra Art" Papier Tole and tiny heart, ping and star Dazzles™ to printed banner at top of the page.