Easter star basket

LeNae Gerig

Easter star basket
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: When painting with Glimmer Mist they act just like water colors. To keep the metallic sheen, return the lid and occasionally shake the contents to blend.



  1. Remove the inside back from the box top window. Cover work surface with newspaper. Mist each of the 3 Paper Mache pieces with True Turquoise and let dry. Repeat and let dry. Lightly mist spot areas with Party Pink and Let dry.
  2. Turn the star insert over and cover the unsprayed side with metallic paper. Place insert into lid. Use lengths of Thin Line Border Dazzles around the center of the lid front.
  3. Place the flower basket, single tulip and single Easter egg Dazzles on white cardstock. Use the line paintbrush to apply Glimmer Mist to color the areas of each Dazzles. Paint the basket Kiwi, flowers Sunflower, pink and Turquoise. Let dry and use all 4 colors to paint egg. Cut out around each piece leaving a 1/16" white border.
  4. Glue the basket inside the window onto the metallic dot paper. Glue the tulip to the left side of the basket front and foam tape the egg to the front. Use 1 1/2" wide yellow ribbon to make a bow and Zot( to the top left star point above the basket.
  5. Place the Easter Egg Dazzles border around the box sides. Place the paper shreds on protected surface and mist the paper. Let dry and place inside of the box.