Home Sweet Home Card

Gail Booth

Home Sweet Home Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Zot embellishments close to the fold, and use foam tape further away from the fold so that the card can still close easily.



  1. Open your card with the fold running horizontally. Cut 2" off of the lower edge. Score a fold line 2 1/2" from the upper edge. Mountain fold the upper part of the card back.
  2. Cut two 6 1/2"x3" black cardstocks and glue to the center and lower card faces.
  3. Pop out the large house die-cut and remove the small paper nibs with your fingernails. Glue even with the lower fold line, 3/4" from the left card edge. Pop out one fence die-cut, cut 5/8" from the left edge and glue each piece on either side of the house.
  4. Pop out the tree die-cut and place a triple layer of foam tape on the top edge. Zot the lower edge in front of the right-hand fence, as shown. Foam tape a small bird on the tree, and on the house. Zot the lower edge of the flower pot die-cut as shown, foam taping the upper edge.
  5. Glue the flower border 1/4" from the lower edge of the card, and glue the "Home Sweet Home" label 1/4" from the fold. Zot a bow above the border and Zot on a heart flower die-cut. Foam tape two flower die-cuts onto the label.