"Love" card

Susan Cobb

"Love" card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: This embossed image on burgundy suede looks even better after embellishing with aged gold embossing enamel-direct the heat gun underneath the suede to melt the enamel.



  1. Trim the card to a 5" square, then place with the fold at the left. Ink the edges of the card with VersaMark, then sprinkle with embossing enamel and emboss with the heat gun. Set the card aside.
  2. Cut a 4 5/8" square from burgundy suede and place inside the embossing folder, face up. Run the folder through your embossing tool.
  3. Sprinkle the embossed suede with embossing enamel, then use your fingers to lightly brush away some of the enamel from the raised design to the surrounding area. Use the heat gun to emboss from underneath the suede-be patient, it will take a little longer this way, but the results are worth it. Let piece cool and mat on gold paper with 1/16" borders.
  4. Ink the heart and "love" chipboard pieces with VersaMark, sprinkle with embossing enamel, and emboss. Lightly ink two butterfly trinket pins (just the butterfly portion) with VersaMark, sprinkle with embossing enamel and emboss. Let cool. Punch a 1/8" hole near the top of the heart. Tie gold thread through the top with a 1 1/2" loop. Thread a piece of knotted ribbon through the hole and Zot the knot in front of the hole. Zot the key angled to the suede with the heart hanging from beneath the key with the gold thread as shown. Zot an antique filigree butterfly centered on the length of the key. Zot "love" to the right side of the suede.
  5. Insert the pins into the suede near the chipboard pieces as shown. Punch a 1/8" circle from burgundy suede and place on a piece of cardstock. Sprinkle with embossing enamel and heat from underneath the cardstock to melt the enamel. Let cool and Zot to the center of the filigree butterfly. Glue the suede centered on the card front.