Get Well

LeNae Gerig

Get Well
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: To make the metal stencil release from the double-sided adhesive sheet, run a damp bar of soap on the back of the stencil until a paste forms. Place the stencil onto the adhesive sheet. When design is complete, simply lift the soap side off the adhesive sheet without having to pull and bend the stencil.



  1. Card Front: Place the card fold on the left. Cover with red cardstock. Glue 4 3/4"x 6 1/4" White Truffle black/white houndstooth to the center. Ink the card edges black.
  2. Cut the Double-Sided Adhesive Sheet to the same size as the stencil. Remove the backing from one side and place on black cardstock. Remove the backing from the front and place stencil. Use the retractable knife to add red glitter to the tulip blossoms. Rub in with fingertip. Tap off excess glitter. Add green to the stems and leaves, silver to the background and red to the frame.
  3. Cut the black cardstock even with the stencil edges. Remove the stencil and pour black glitter to the negative spaces. Rub in with fingertip and tap off excess glitter. Mat the glittered rectangle on red cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Ink the edges and glue to the card center.
  4. Trace a small tag onto black cardstock. Mat on red cardstock, with a 1/16" border. Place "Get Well" Dazzles and Zot to the left side of the card with a white/black swirl bow.
  5. Inside: Mat the long edges of 1 1/4"x6 1/2" black/white houndstooth with red cardstock, leaving 1/8" border and glue to the left side. Trace a small tag onto black, mat with red cardstock, leaving 1/16" border. Place "Get Better Quick" Dazzles and top with a knotted length of ribbon. Glue to the right side of the border.