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Happy Birthday

LeNae Gerig

Happy Birthday
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: When cutting out circles, turn the paper as you cut instead of turning the scissors. It makes for smoother cutting.



  1. Card Front: Place the card fold on the left. Cover the top 5 1/8" with Grapefruit orange swirly paper and the bottom with Grapefruit dark pink dot paper. Place a loopy stitched Dazzles( across the top edge of the pink paper as shown. Glue a 5"x3/8" strip of Grapefruit striped paper 1/8" from the card bottom. Place line/dot stitched Dazzles on the top and bottom of the striped paper. Ink the card edges and place "Happy Birthday" Dazzles on the dark pink border as shown.
  2. Trace 4 Orange Peel Bottom circles onto Grapefruit pink dot paper. Ink edges black. Glue the tops cut from Grapefruit black dot paper and glue to circles. Use the pen to draw stitch lines as indicated on the template. Glue the circles to the orange portion of the card.
  3. Repeat with a Grapefruit orange dot circle. Foam tape to the center area of the pink circles. Thread a large pink button with a thin strip of scrap white paper and Zot( the ends to the button back. Glue the button to the center of the orange circle.
  4. Inside: Cover the card inside back with Grapefruit pink dot paper. Place 2 rows of stitched Dazzles to the right side of the card and 1 one the left. Trace and cut a Grapefruit orange dot circle bottom and a Grapefruit dark pink top. Ink the edges on both pieces and glue. Use the pen to make stitch lines. Thread a medium black button with a thin strip of white paper and glue to the center of the circle. Foam tape to the bottom right corner. Personalize the card by placing a Family & Friends Dazzles at the top of the circle.