A Special Someone

LeNae Gerig

A Special Someone
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Lightly ink edges of die cut shapes black to give them contrast on pastel colored papers. This will add more definition and make them really stand out.



  1. Card Front: Place the card fold the left. Cover the card with Sorbet pink dot paper and ink the card edges. Cut the bottom left corner of the Sorbet large magnolia corner paper to 4 1/2"x5 3/4", ink edges and glue to the card center.
  2. Foam tape a center blossom die-cut to the center of the large printed blossom. Glue "A Special Someone" die over the bottom of the large flower. Zot( a pink bow to the lower right of the flower.
  3. Glue a green die swirl to the top of the card. Foam tape the heart/flower over the swirl. Glue the "love" die to the heart and foam tape a small black heart die below. Foam tape 3 small heart dies among the flower.
  4. Inside: Ink the edges of 4"x5 3/4" Sorbet yellow magnolia paper from the lower right corner of the Magnolia paper and glue to the card inside back. Glue a large pink heart die-cut to the center. Foam tape "love you" over the heart. Zot( a knotted length of green ribbon to the top of the heart.