Blessing Butterfly Card

Erica Hettwer

Blessing Butterfly Card
By Erica Hettwer

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Designer Tip: Use very small pieces of the clear foam tape so that it won't show through the parchment.



  1. Card Front: Place your card with the fold at the top and cover with Grapefruit pink paper. Cut a 6"x4 1/2" Grapefruit orange paper and sand the edges. Cut a 6"x3/4" Grapefruit dark pink paper, sand the edges and glue 1/4" from the bottom edge of the orange. Foam tape the panel to the center of the card.
  2. Tape the template to a piece of parchment paper with stencil tape. Using the Perforating Pen, pierce holes following the pattern on the template. Using the smallest embossing took from the kit, trace the outer portion and inner portion of the template as well as the lines in the design. Remove template and cut out the oval.
  3. Place "blessings" Dazzles on Tangerine Papier Tole tag. Cut off the right edge and the left loop of the tag. Glue to the center of the pink border along the right edge. Place black Jewel Dazzles in the four corners of the orange paper.
  4. Using foam tape, assemble the Tangerine Papier Tole butterfly and foam tape it to the center of the parchment oval. Foam tape the oval to the center of the card using clear foam tape.