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Together Card

Erica Hettwer

Together Card
By Erica Hettwer

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  1. Cut a blank card to 5"x5" and place with the fold on top. Cover with light multi-colored Grapefruit paper.
  2. Cut a 2" square of each of these Grapefruit papers: orange/black, dark pink/dot stripe, black pattern/pink pattern, and pink dot/orange dot. Fold one corner back, leaving 1/4" from the opposite corner. Fold it back on itself 3/8" and then back again 1/4". Zot the point down. Repeat with the other three squares.
  3. Glue all four squares to a 4 1/2" square white cardstock as shown, leaving a 1/4" mat. Draw faux stitching lines 1/6" from edge of patterned paper squares. Foam tape the panel to the card center.
  4. Foam tape peach 2, 3 and 4 of the Tangerine Papier Tole together, then foam tape to the center of the card. Place "Together" Dazzles in the center of the Papier Tole circles.
  5. Inside: Mat the long edges of a 5"x2" dotted Grapefruit stripe paper on Grapefruit orange dotted, then hot pink, each with 1/4" border. Glue horizontally to the center of the card. Cut a 4 3/4" piece of hot pink 3/4" Grapefruit ribbon, notch the ends and glue behind the large circle Grapefruit die-cut and glue to the center of the card. Place "we make a Family" Dazzles in the center of the die-cut.