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Birthday Banner Card

Erica Hettwer

Birthday Banner Card
By Erica Hettwer

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  1. Place your card with the fold on top and cover with green Picnic paper. Ink the edges black. Cut a 6"x4 1/2" yellow Picnic paper. Ink the edges and foam tape to the center of the card. Cut two 6" pieces of the red gingham ribbon and Zot one piece 1/2" from the top of the yellow paper. Zot the other 1 1/4" from the bottom edge of the yellow paper as shown.
  2. Cut a 6"x2 1/2" Picnic dark blue paper and ink the edges. Cut a 6"x2" Picnic blue paper, ink the edges and glue centered on the dark blue paper. Foam tape to the card 7/8" from the top edge.
  3. Trace and cut Vickie Lou banner pieces #1 and #2 from Picnic green paper. Ink the edges and assemble with foam tape. Place "Happy Birthday" Dazzles on banner.
  4. Card Interior: Ink the edges of a 6 1/2"x1" Picnic yellow paper and mat the long edges on Picnic green paper with 1/4" borders. Ink the edges. Glue 3/4" from bottom of the card. Zot a 6 1/2" blue dotted ribbon to center of yellow strip. Stamp "Sending Happy Thoughts" in center of card.