Erica Hettwer

By Erica Hettwer

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Designer Tip: Inking the edges of your patterned paper really helps them pop!



  1. Cut a 11 1/2" square of Grapefruit multi-colored paper, ink the edges black and glue to the center of your Grapefruit black background paper. Cut a 9" square of Grapefruit orange paper, ink the edges black and glue 3/4" from the right and 1 1/2" from the top. Cut a 10"x2" Grapefruit dotted stripe paper and ink the edges black. Wrap an 11" black twill ribbon 1 1/4" from the top and Zot the ends to the back. Glue to the orange paper 1" from the bottom and flush with the right side.
  2. Glue 7"x5" photo 3 1/2" from the left and 2 3/4" from the top. Cut a 10 1/2" hot pink wired fiber and Zot to the circle border die-cut. Glue 1 1/8" from the right. Assemble the border Papier Tole with foam tape and foam tape to the bottom of the photo as shown. Journal the title on the scalloped label, pink label and small tag. Foam tape journal pieces as shown.
  3. Zot a black twill bow to the top of the tag and foam tape to the left side of black ribbon. Foam tape extra artwork Tangerine Foil Papier Tole to the journaling tag. Foam tape the die-cut butterflies to the journaling tag and the wired ribbon.