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Document our journey photo album

Susan Cobb

Document our journey photo album
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Remove posts and page protectors from the album. Ink the album cover with Jet Black StazOn® ink and let dry. Cut two 4" squares each from light blue/white dotted paper and light blue/white flourishes paper. Glue the dotted papers to the top left and bottom right portions of the album front, leaving a 1/4" borders on the tops and sides. Add the two flourishes squares to the bottom left and top right corners. Line up the edges of the papers evenly.
  2. Place a piece of red/white striped decorative tape across the left side of the papers, trimming ends evenly. Glue the black/white numbers scalloped border along the inside edge of the tape, 1" from the bottom of the paper. Cut a 1"x6" strip from black/white music paper and glue centered, even with the right side of the blue/white papers. Cut a 4" length of black/white text border and glue to the right side of the blue flourishes paper.
  3. Mat a sheet of red/white/gray floral paper on black cardstock with 1/32" borders. Trim a red glittered zigzag border to fit the right edge of the matted paper and place the straight edge just beneath the paper. Glue border to the right edge of the paper.
  4. Cut a 6"x2" red/white grid paper and ink the edges black. Glue across the red/white/gray floral paper, 1 3/8" from the bottom of the paper. Glue a 6"x1" blue/white striped paper strip centered across the grid paper. Add a 4 1/2" length of decorative labels tape across the center of the blue/white striped paper, even with the right side.
  5. Glue a 7" length of 1/8" wide black grosgrain ribbon across the top edge of the blue/white striped paper with the excess on the left side. Thread the end through the "noted" red chipboard button and Zot the left corner of the grid and striped papers. Tie a knot in the excess ribbon. Glue the music/red glitter envelope to the left side of the paper, extending over the bottom 1/2". Cut out some blocks of quotes from quote paper and ink the edges black. Punch a 1/16" hole in the upper left corner of each quote and tie together with black ribbon. Place the quotes inside the pocket. Thread ribbon through the blue chipboard button and place centered on the pocket.
  6. Cut out an additional quote and mat on black with thin borders. Add ribbon to the top and foam tape it to the upper right side of the floral paper. Mat a "No.2" sticky note on black with thin borders. Glue to the lower right side of the red grid/floral paper, extending off the bottom 3/4". Add large brads to the paper as shown. Glue the paper centered on the blue/white papers on the front of the album.
  7. Cut 2 "tickets" from the tickets border and ink the edges black. Foam tape one to the upper left corner of the album as shown, and one overlapping the sticky note at the bottom right. Ink the edges of the "memories" chipboard and add near the center of the sticky note. Tie ribbon through the holes in the chipboard "Notes" and "Document" pieces and add to the top left corner of the floral paper.
  8. Cut out red flowers with leaves from remaining sheet of floral paper and foam tape to the album as shown. Add remaining buttons, chipboard, and enamel dots as shown. Trim the red/white/gray floral border to 1"x8 1/2" and glue to the left side of the album cover, over the holes. Open the album and place inside the Crop-a-Dile to re-punch the holes, then replace the posts.