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Just For You

Susan Cobb

Just For You
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: What I love about these Color Me Chocolate Card Toppers is that you can create a totally new look by changing the colors and types of ink you use-it's so fun!



  1. Place your card with the fold on the top. Glue the Color Me Chocolate Post Card card topper with oval center even with the card front. Use the stylus and a blending tip to lightly apply Butter ink to the background of the card topper, leaving some areas white. Leave the flowers, leaves, and butterfly white, but it's okay to overlap the edges slightly.
  2. Use a second blending tip to apply Mint ink to the leaves, Black Cherry ink to the flower petals, and Butter ink to the flower centers. Add a bit of Plumeria ink to shade some of the petals. Add Plumeria to the center of each butterfly wing, then add Black Cherry ink to the remaining wing areas. Use a paper towel to remove any excess ink.
  3. Lightly add Black Cherry and Plumeria ink to the background areas previously colored with Butter ink. Add a bit of Mint ink to the upper right corner of the card topper. Wipe off the excess ink. Cut out the "Just FOR YOU" tag and lightly ink it with Butter. Add a bit of Black Cherry then Plumeria ink to the corners and end. Wipe off excess ink. Foam tape the tag to the oval center. Use 1/4" wide purple sheer ribbon to tie a bow. Zot the bow near the tag as shown.
  4. For the inside: Color the "Sending Birthday Greetings" label with Butter ink, then add Black Cherry and Plumeria to the flower and background as for the front. Mat on light green cardstock with 1/4" borders. Glue centered to the inside. Cut out a small butterfly from the tag sheet and color it as before. Glue angled over the lower left corner of the mat. Zot a purple bow as shown.